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What to Expect from A Breast Lift Surgery?

A cosmetic surgery for breast lift surgery in Dubai is a best procedure to get rid of saggy breasts and loose skin on the bust area. Moreover, this procedure is also included in body contouring procedures and many women go for it to adjust their body structure. While some women go for this procedure after their body changes due to pregnancy.

Breast Lift - What to Expect from A Breast Lift Surgery?

Are you willing to undergo this procedure in the coming future? Here are some of the important things you can expect from this procedure.

Before the Surgery

The pre-surgical phase requires a proper preparation by the patient. The surgeons give pre-op instructions that need to be followed by the patient. Usually they advise certain diet routine and prescription medications. They recommend stopping smoking prior to the surgery. Preparing well for a surgery means that your surgery is going to be a smooth procedure.

During the Surgery

As you know that this procedure is meant to adjust the symmetry of breasts and sheds away the sagginess. First of all, you should know the most common techniques of this procedure. These techniques are based on the variations of incisions and locations. As every person has different body structure and anatomy, the technique to remove the sagginess are different too. Before the procedure, when your surgeon examines you, the plan is made accordingly. Keeping in view the patient’s requirement, the final decision is made.

During the surgery, skin will be tightened and the muscles are lifted. If reshaping is required, it is performed aesthetically. The whole procedure is done under general anesthesia and on outpatient basis. This procedure also includes the re-adjustment and positioning of nipple and areola, if required. At the end of treatment, incisions are closed and surgical tape is used to close the skin.

After The Surgery

The recovery phase comes after the procedure in which post op instructions are given by your surgeon. The part of healing process also includes a small tube place inside the skin temporarily for fluid drainage. Take prescribed medications and take care of the treated area.

Same is the case with the surgery for breast augmentation in Dubai, where it’s done using implants. To keep the desired position of implants intact, it is necessary to take special care when moving the arms. To avoid any rupture or dispositioning of implants, it is required to avoid putting any pressure in initial days.

You might have to ask someone to look after your work at home so that you can focus more on your rest and recovery. Take more rest and avoid any hard activities that require your body movements. At Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai, proper follow-ups are done to monitor the recovery of patient. The complete recovery takes almost 4 to 6 weeks. In the meantime, the patient must stay put to achieve desired results.

The expectations from any breast cosmetic surgery must be realistic. The patient’s assistance really matters when it comes to achieving desired results.

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