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Wearing The Right Dress To School

Seeing their American counterparts going to school in jeans and casual clothes, Australian students must feel left out. But, in defence of the system in place in this country, they must know that they are growing up in a society where the view has been that school uniforms encourage discipline and equality.

Australia School

In her election campaign, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard had said that high-quality education also involves learning how to be presentable, and claimed that’s this was what school uniforms do: They teach students how to present themselves to the world. “A uniform helps undercut unhealthy competition — the competition to have the latest, most expensive clothes,” she said.

Boy and girl school wear in Australian schools is likely to be enforced for a long time to come. So, when it comes to shopping for girl school wear, how do you choose the right retailer? After all, you want a dress that would not cost a bomb and at the same time would have quality.

Here are some guidelines that can help you in finding the right seller for girl school wear online:

Word of mouth

This, perhaps, is the best way to enquire about a girl school wear online retailer. All you need to do is ask around about who offers the best discounts, what time of the year should yu buy, and the quality of the garments. In this case, the more social you are, the better would it be for you.

Internet reviews

There are a number of websites that review retail stores on the Internet. A few Google searches will leave you with enough information about the seller, where he is reliable or not, and if the goods that are supplied are of quality. Often, Internet is the best source when it comes to looking up and researching on girl school wear.

Ask the school

You can the school your daughter attends about the sellers who deliver in the area you live. Schools often have a list of sellers that sell their dress. As it is, all schools have different uniforms, so the school would know which retailer sells what.

Value for money

Of course, a school uniform does not cost a bomb. But you should try and not end up paying double for what you buy. Ask around, research online and zero in on a seller that has priced its goods reasonably. There’s no point getting ripped off.

These are a few points that would help you zero in on a seller of girl school wear online, and someone who would suit your pocket and your requirements.

Besides these points, there are many others that you need to know before you buy girl school wear. For example: the uniform should not look poor in quality. The thing is that bullying is a reality in school, and if you are not well-dress, you are probably going to end up becoming a victim of bullying. So, do ensure that your kid is wearing a uniform that is not poor in quality.

Coming back to the topic of uniforms in Australian schools, it is unlike that school uniforms would be done away. However, Gillard’s argument that uniforms instill a sense of responsibility, discipline, can be questioned.

Even as the Australian department of education and training is of the view that principals and staff should encourage students to wear a school uniform, it does admit that some students resist doing so. Mosman High School Principal Susan Wyatt said the view that students could be competitive when comes to fashion in the absence of a uniform was not entirely true.

Mosman High dropped uniforms 20 years ago. Wyatt said the school was known for its academic achievements, and it did not require a uniform for doing so.

She said that in absence of uniforms, students make jeans and jumpers their uniform in winter, and shorts and T-shirts in summer. The focus should be on learning, not clothes, she said.


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