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Spruce Up Your Home with a Touch of the Exotic

Summer is a great time to redesign your home and spruce up the interior. One of the best ways to give your home a revamp is through updating your furniture with the latest designs or taking a hint from foreign lands, such as Morocco, for an exotic influence. From sofas and soft furnishings to bedroom furniture, dining tables and chairs, there are lots of ways you can add a touch of elegance or interest to your home decor.

Master Bedroom

Jewel Coloured Sofas and Soft Furnishings

Stylish sofas that are highly popular this summer include settees and sofas with strong patterns and floral designs, while at the other end of the spectrum plain designs with bold colours are making a strong comeback. Cushions can add a touch of colour to neutral sofas while those on the look-out for exotic additions can add jewel-coloured throws or beautiful lace antimacassars.

Chinese Rugs Add a Taste of the Orient

Rugs are always a welcome cosy addition to a living room and this is also another area where texture and colour can come to life. While art deco style can look great in a monochrome rug with black and white squares and cubist designs, the ornate style of Chinese rugs is another popular option for an exotic home accessory with a real taste of the Orient.

Traditional Wood or Modern Materials?

One important element to consider in your home decor is the material your furniture is made from. Whether you choose solid wood or a modern fibre, the material of your tables, desks and sideboards makes a statement about your personal style. White or black furniture has a modern edge while wood such as oak or pine, which you can find at , gives a more traditional feel.

Home decorations and DIY activities form a highly popular summer pastime for many homeowners. The authorities at Good Housekeeping advise DIY enthusiasts about the latest designs in this interesting article, which gives a range of tips for decorating your home on the cheap.

Improve Your Mood While You Revamp Your Home

Changing your home decor can also lighten your mood for summer. As Fox News reports, many people experience feelings of lethargy or sadness during the summer months but having a project to work on such as re-decorating your home in a fresh new style can really help to give your summer a new meaning beyond holidays.

Exploring a new design for your home can be adding an extension or planning a brave new venture, or it can be something as simple as buying a few new cushions or reorganising your existing furniture. Any change can shed a new light on your home and awaken your sense of adventure. Exotic accessories are the ideal way to change your home, with countries such as China, India and Morocco being particularly inspirational. Choose an exciting new rug, cushion, wallpaper or bedspread to add a new style without breaking the bank.

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