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Shabby chic bathroom trend – ideas and inspiration

Redecorating your house? Indeed, the time has come for your bathroom to have a long-needed makeover. If you have been wondering what to do with it and which style guidelines to follow, look no further because the solution is right here and it is called shabby chic!

Shabby chic bathroom

Shabby chic is the ever-lasting trend in bathroom décor. Even though the idea is somewhat contradictory to itself (how can something be shabby and chic at the same time?), it is, in fact, a reproduction of furniture in an old, worn-out style that resembles a décor period.

Here are some interesting ideas of how you can transform your regular bathroom into eccentric shabby chic décor design.

Bath tub at the focus of the bathroom

If you want your bathroom to resemble a period, yet retain the contemporary look which calls for enjoyment at the same time, install a freestanding bathtub at the centre of your bathroom, and do not forget to leave the rust stains which will make it seem more appropriate.

To set the tone right, make sure put a chair beside the tub to resemble times when royalty was bathed by servants – and which is now a place where you can conveniently place your clothes until you are done with bath time.

Colour me not

When it comes to colours, shabby chic pretty much allows all shades with a precondition that they look damaged. However, as it was previously said, pastels would be the right choice to set the tone properly. However, you can break the colour with neutrals, such as sky blue, rose pink and beige. You can even spice things up with vividly coloured cupboards with damaged edges which would serve as towel storage.

Cotton: number one fabric for your linens and towels

Shabby chic interior design trend assumes the usage of pure cotton linens and towels in white or bleached colours, which resemble French linens. Pastel colours are also allowed, whereas mild stains and worn linens add to the look of shabbiness. Cotton towels with floral motifs and earth tone are simply what one cannot live without if imitating a shabby chic bathroom trend.

Match your tile work with shabby chic

Just like in Great Britain, where the style originates from, a shabby chic bathroom would not be complete if it would not contain natural stone tiles. For example, sandstone tiles would fit perfectly in the overall shabby chic appeal due to the simplicity of natural stone and elegance of their appearance.

Vanity cupboard

The best comes last. An old vanity cupboard is simply a must have in a shabby chic bathroom. Make sure that you hang a mirror above it and that it is made from carved wood whose surface is not smooth and the edges are damaged. Mismatched drawer knobs would only add finish to the cupboard, whereas adding a pillow or two laying next to it would allow for a sense of hospitality and remind visitors of the persons living there.

Following the shabby chic trend, your bathroom would set up a picture of a unique, almost cottage-style look that definitely no other person has at their home.

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