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Intimate Reasons: Why Mostly Women Love Shopping


-It is universally agreed that women mostly love shopping.

Shopping time

-The difference is even more obvious when compared to the opposite gender when it comes to shopping.

-But why exactly is this so? Here are a few intimate reasons for this phenomenon.

1. Built-in Instincts and Behaviour

-It has been proven scientifically that since the evolution of man, males behave more like hunters and females behave more like gatherers

-This ancient behaviour of women has shown in the way modern females behave, more so when it comes to shopping.

-Like collecting fruits from the wild, shopping is like a task specially designed for women.

-They choose, they compare, they screen through all available options before making the best decision.

-If you just happen to observe, it is not hard at all to see a woman going from shop to shop, flicking through almost every item on shelves and racks, just to find that one item that she wants, which is not that different from choosing the best kind of fruit from a forest, where a woman has to consider the taste of the fruit, the nutritional value, so that she makes the best choice for herself and her family.

-Naturally, just as a bright-coloured, ripe juicy fruit would attract a woman in the ancient times, a shop with items on sale or an item with a special, interesting design would attract a woman in our modern times.

-Men, on the other hand, are a lot more goal-oriented, due to their hunter instincts, so if they need to buy something, they would aim at one single item, buy it and that is pretty much it.

-If you ask any woman why she likes shopping, it is quite possible the answer would be- it is our nature.

2. Marketing Tactics

-It cannot be denied that a great majority of consumer products are designed for shopping.

-Any shop you enter, even online shops, there are tons of products of the same nature available, for you to compare and contrast, and research about before buying.

-All these choices enable women to go from store to store, obtain loads of information on one product, compare the prices and values, pros and cons, just for one single product she is looking for

3. Stress Release

-A woman’s mind is built in a way that she can release stress through shopping.

-Ask a man, and stress would probably be the result of shopping instead of the reason.

-Researches have shown that a lot of women admit that they would feel less stressful if allowed to shop on a stressful day.

-This might be attributed to the fact that all the visual and verbal input that comes with shopping serve as a distraction from stress, while for a man, it is the other way round where all these inputs only build up on his stress level.

4. Satisfaction

-Every woman would experience a certain level of satisfaction upon purchasing an item, no matter the price or value.

-She feels good about herself while shopping, being able to have the power of choosing, making a decision, and finally, purchasing.

-Since men do not usually view shopping as a reason for feeling satisfied, they do not feel the same way women do when they go shopping.

-If traced back in time, this can even be associated with the fact that women used to be a lot more oppressed than men in terms of rights before having legally equal rights as they are opposite in the modern world.

-Hence, it is very understandable that women would enjoy shopping as a way to express their opinions as in what to buy, where to buy, and therefore feeling satisfied with themselves if they believe they have made a good or valuable purchase.

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Cristiana Victoria is an energetic blogger from Birmingham, UK. She composes articles on travel, wellbeing, auto and account related themes. Starting now she is concentrating on esta, which provides visa assistance.

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