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Guide for Shopping in Bahrain

The Manama souk is the centre of the shopping universe of Bahrain, and is the very first place shoppers should stop by. The shops there range from leading department stores to open-air stalls, which are packed with everything from antiques to gold, clothes to electronics and incense to tobacco. Walking is the best way to explore the souk’s labyrinth of alleys and lanes.


Spice Up Life
the spices that go into Arabic meals are the secret of their cuisine, with its heavenly aromas and taste. Manama souk is home to plenty of spice shops that travellers may visit if they wish to try their hand at an Arabic recipe. Mounds of a variety of colourful and fragrant spices greet visitors.

Magical Carpets
While they might not be able to soar on them, carpets sold in Bahrain are some of the most beautiful in the world. Many of the carpet shops in Bahrain are located in Aliya and Manama, where exquisite Persian rugs and less expensive but equally gorgeous carpets from Afghanistan, Baluchistan, China and Turkey are sold.

Own A Real Pearl
Although both locals and tourists are equally fond of gold, Bahrain is also popular as a destination where real pearls can be purchased. Since ancient times, the island has been known as one of the finest pearling centres in the world. Pearls sold in Bahrain tend to have slightly irregular shapes, which is proof that they are natural. Even the colours of the pearls vary from cream to green to ochre to white.

Glittering Gold
Gold shops in Bahrain have always been tremendously popular with visitors. The excellent craftsmanship, the low prices and the quality of the gold are an irresistible combination. Unlike the West, 21 to 22, or even pure 24 carat gold jewellery can be easily purchased in Bahrain. More than a hundred jewellery shops are located between the Gold Souk building and Gold City.

Seef Mall
Those who decide to shop at Seef Mall often experience difficulty finding a good parking spot, but there is a reason. Seef Mall is one of the most popular shopping complexes in Bahrain, which boasts an architecture that is a combination of both modern and traditional elements. It is also home to prominent stores like BhS, Debenhams and Marks & Spencer. The great food court and the splendid cinemas at the mall are the reason it is so popular.

An Air Conditioned Yet Old-Style Souk
The A’ali Mall is the equivalent of the major shopping centres that can be found in the Far East or the West. However, the reason that the mall stands out is because of Souke Al Tawaweesh section, where the feel and look of an open air, traditional souk is recreated, but it is actually air conditioned. Cart selling souvenirs, a glass room and stores that have old-fashioned Arabic wooden doors all add to the atmosphere.

Thus, it would not be wrong to call Bahrain a shopping hub. In fact, those who hold a Bahrain evisa can take advantage of duty free shopping the moment they land at Bahrain Airport.

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