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CrossFit as A Great Workout Option

CrossFit is intense, variable way of exercise, aimed at developing strength and fitness in general. Integrate the different types of exercises and created an ideal training that creates an athlete ready for any challenges.

Girl Lifting Weights

It combines weightlifting, power weightlifting, calisthenics, jumping or climbing ropes, intense cardio exercises, plyometric exercises, the various elements of gymnastics, hefting and moving large objects or even Olympic weightlifting techniques. This relativity young aspect of the training was developed in US in the late nineties as the community is growing day by day and currently has over 10 000 gyms worldwide.

CrossFit is recommended to everyone from amateurs to professional athletes, men or women, regardless of age. There are hundreds of CrossFit exercises as well as specific workouts of day (WOD) where CrossFit refers to as “10 fitness domains”: Respiratory and Cardio endurance, Stamina, Strength, coordination, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.

What CrossFit is not?   

CrossFit certainly is not a temporary trend or fad, because it combines various types of trainings and places them into a whole. A large number of specialized trainers, gym users and competitions confirms that.

What are CrossFit advantages in compare with other workouts?

The positive side of intensive trainings is a number of calories burned in a short period of time as well as increase the secretion of testosterone, which is responsible for improving muscle mass. CrossFit is recommended to people and because of its favorable impact on the cardiovascular system because during exercise heart rate go up to 90% of maximum value.

CrossFit involves the entire body work, and therefore implies motion of the joints, especially the hips, and shoulders. This type of training greatly improves fitness readiness which improves both mental and physical abilities.

Benefits of CrossFit in compare with standard weightlifting is reflected primarily in equipment. There is no regular gym equipment that takes up space, CrossFitters works with rods, boxes, ropes, balls, bags of sand, gymnastic rings, pull-up bars and a large variety of other bodyweight workouts. Therefore CrossFit workspace or boxes, how they often call them, can be very small, providing maximum usage of space.

CrossFit training recommends special diet, so-called Paleo diet used by our ancestors, hence the name of Caveman or Paleo diet. It consists a balanced intake of proteins (30%), carbohydrates (40%) and fats (30%). CrossFit should consume a lot of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, controlled intake of fruits and avoiding sugar. It’s recommended of intake of quality proteins after training to recover muscle volume, where leads take high-quality protein powder and additional vitamins for best results.

Some CrossFit training routines  

  • Burpee, in the CrossFit world is simply get down to the ground so that your chest touches and then get up and touch a target 6 inches (15cm) above your head with 2 hands.
  • Power Cleans, are the best lift for power and explosiveness and should be included in all strength and conditioning programs. It’s effective because it utilizes the triple extension movement of the hip, knee, and ankle joints, which is the movement pattern found in jumping and tackling and at the start of a sprint.
  • The Snatch, is one of the most complicated movements in all of sports. An athlete has to pull a weight upward with force and speed, then completely reverse his mental keys to explode downward under the still-moving bar. His foot placement, body positioning and lockout have to be precise when he hits the bottom or the bar will crash to the floor.
  • The Thruster, is a total-body, compound exercise that is comprised of a front squat and a push-press combined.

Such as WOD trainings (Workout of Day) that were named after military heroes and women. They often change and they are very demanding. Some of the most popular are Barbara, Angie, Murphy, Jackie…


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