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Buy the Jewelry That Suits You Best

It is your and only your choice whether you want to wear certain piece of jewelry or not. However, if you want to play it by the rules and really look amazing by the general standards of the society, there are certain tips that you should read through. They all concern your skin tone, face shape, material of your chosen jewelry, but also the occasions, prices and personal style. Choosing jewelry is fun once you get the hang of these factors.

Wearing Jewelry

Determine Your Skin Tone

It is very important that you what your skin tone is in order to be able to pick the right colors and materials. This is best determined by examining your face for a while in the mirror and taking a long look at your skin and veins. There are two major types of skin tones: cool and warm. Warm tones will notice that their veins look greenish rather than blue. That is because you are seeing them through the yellowy skin tone. Respectively, blue veins are a sign of a cool skin tone. Of course, there are many people who are neutral since they have characteristics of both skin tones.

Materials and Shapes That Suit You

General rule of thumb, according to the skin tone is that cool tones go well with silver while warm tones go well with gold. Of course, there are other metals, as well, so, respectively, white gold and platinum match cooler skin tones while copper and brass match warmer tones. Stones and other materials that will go perfectly with cooler tones include pearls and diamonds, but also stones that are blue and bluish, anything from the range of rose colors, as well as magenta. Warmer colors will suit warmer skin tones, green, coral, yellow and orange will glow on this type of skin.

Wearing Jewelry Set

Determine Your Face Shape

If you are very detailed about trying to determine your face shape, you should try and fit into these categories: round, diamond, heart, rectangle, oblong, pear, oval and inverted triangle. However, for picking the shape of your jewelry, all these shapes can be classified into four groups. Group one are heart, inverted triangle and the diamond shape. Group number two are round and pear shaped faces. Group three make the rectangle and oblong faces and group four is reserved for the oval faces.

Shapes You Should Consider

If your face is in the first group, then you should opt for the shapes that will add a bit of length to your face. This is best done with some elegant, dangle or drop earrings. Ear piercing is the best option for all these earrings, because clip-ons sometimes cannot hold the weight of these earrings. Your necklace should be close to your neck so that it soften the jawline. Group two will benefit the most from the teardrop earrings. You can also go for some square or rectangle ones. Do not be afraid to wear longer necklaces, as they will suit you well. Little round earrings are what works best for the third group. The fourth group can make dangle earrings of the angular shape work perfectly.

Wearing Ring

All you need to do know is to narrow down the choice to the material and shape that go best with your face. Once you do that, you will still have an amazing variety of earrings and necklaces to choose from. Also, take into consideration the occasion. While bold and statement jewelry work well in the night out, bringing it to the work is not the best idea when it comes to stylistic choices.

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  1. If you were to go through your jewelry collection right now, would you find a necklace or five that you rarely, if ever, wear? Let s think about why.

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