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Best-Paying Jobs for Women in 2015

All the statistics showing that men earn much more money than women might be right, but not really accurate, since there are many more factors to take into consideration instead of just keeping the track of a person’s annual income. Year 2015 brought many changes and there are many jobs that provide women with the opportunity to turn the tables on men or at least make their salaries equal to those of men. In this article, you will find out which are some of a really well-paid jobs that will help women by greatly increasing their average paychecks and giving them lots of opportunities.

Business Women


The best-paying jobs in 2014 mostly included data-driven jobs. However, in 2015 the situation is fairly different. Nowadays, jobs in marketing and healthcare seem promising and this is what you should aim for if you are looking for a way to earn hefty sums of money. We are going to talk about some of the positions in these branches.


Let us start with healthcare, since it is, by all means, the most important branch. As you probably know, the age pyramid looks contracting almost all over the world, which, sadly or not, means that, with time, there can only be more job positions opened for those who want to start their career in healthcare. When you know that there is a huge increase of elderly population, it is not hard to understand why there is and will be a great need for nurses. In order to become a registered nurse, you will have to go through a somewhat exhausting education process, but it will surely pay off as soon as you finish it. Also, the wages are growing every year and the current annual salary is about $90,000, which, to be honest, is a lot of money. For the same reasons, the odds seem to be in favor of physical therapists. Currently they are earning about $80,000 each year and the number is growing.


The next thing that must be mentioned when we are talking about top-paying jobs is the field of marketing. If you are feeling that this is the thing for you, you are right on so many levels. The jobs in marketing are very well paid and as long as the media exists, there will always be available positions for you, since advertising is extremely significant for any company. Should you get the position of a marketing executive, you can expect the annual salary of about $120,000. This should be enough of a stimulus for anyone, but if that is not enough for you, you can expect it to go up by at least 15% in the next few years.

Working Women

In order to get this job, you will need to have a required degree in marketing, but even this is not enough. You also will need to truly understand contemporary technologies and be able to find their use in the all sorts of advertising. Another job that could get you rich is being a manager, no matter whether it is an advertising, a promotions or a marketing manager. They all earn about $120,000 each year, and the growth of their wage is imminent.

If you get your chance at some of these jobs and prove to be worthy, you will no longer have to fear, since once you get in this position, you will be able to keep it for at least a few decades for sure and it is highly unlikely that the wage would ever be lower. Just imagine yourself working in a magnificently designed office, since they all are like that, when it comes to the marketing workspaces, sitting at a comfortable computer workstation and getting paid that much for the rest of your life. What else could you possibly need?

These are just some of the ideas you may or may not follow, but they certainly show that there are endless possibilities all around you. You just need to get informed, systematically explore every opportunity, never lose hope and do your best to get a job you will love for whatever reason, because at the jobs market, the tables can turn easily, but once a position takes the ground, it could hardly ever be moved.

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