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3 Best Workout Hairstyles

Yes, gym is not a runaway, and you go there to work hard and make your body look perfect. However, sometimes girls cannot resist the temptation to style their hair and look attractive, even in the gym.

Working out at Gym - 3 Best Workout Hairstyles

Working out is not a reason to look like a grey mouse, so it is time to learn to rock your hair properly. Who knows, maybe beautiful hairstyle will inspire you to work harder and lead to better results. In addition, you can show your sense of style through the sportswear you pick and other important details like your hairstyle.

# 1 Boxer braids

Want to look like a million dollar baby? Go for boxer braids! This hairstyle will secure every single strand, keep them away from your face and never go loose, no matter what you do. It is absolutely universal haircut, so girls with all hair types and lengths are able to embrace it. The only thing that can prevent you from wearing boxer braids is that it requires peculiar skills. Practice a little to master this art and be ready for more.

# 2 Braided pony

If you think that typical ponytail is too boring for you, try to incorporate some braiding to it. It can be one small strand, or totally braided top layer, it is up to you to decide which variant to choose. Similar braided sides is also a good variant to boost the volume and control baby hair.

School Girl Braided - 3 Best Workout Hairstyles

# 3 Schoolgirl braids

Rocking two side braids is never hard, especially if you have a color interplay in your mane. If you have about five to ten  minutes before leaving your house, do two side braids. They are much easier and faster to create then a boxer ones. Schoolgirl braids will fit only for slight, not very intensive training, but not for extreme lovers.

Shape up your body, style your hair with our tips and stay gorgeous no matter whether you are having some rest, working in the gym or dance on the party. For these purposes, our professionals at New York city hair salon created for you three must try workout hairstyles of 2017.

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